My Priorities

No Income or Sales Tax

We have what is called the "New Hampshire Advantage" over other states because we have no income or sales tax. Democrats have tried to pass one for years but it would dramatically increase the tax burden for everyone Granite Stater and I will fight tooth and nail against one.

Support Law Enforcement

The Defund the Police movement and the personal attacks on Law Enforcement is reprehensible. New Hampshire has always been one of the safest states in the country because of our passionate and committed members of Law Enforcement. I will support them every step of the way because they deserve our respect and support.


Work to Lower Property Taxes

The best way to stop higher property taxes is to control government spending. As President Ronald Reagan said, "The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much."

Protect Our Constitutional Rights

There is a full on assault of our Constitutional rights. Whether it's the freedom of speech, or our right to bear arms, the Constitution is being trampled by radicals. I am a Constitutional conservative and will fight to protect and preserve our Constitutional rights.

Fight Against Washington Agenda

President Joe Biden and the radical left have an agenda that has led our country to record high inflation, record high gas prices, record high overdose deaths from smugglers bringing drugs over the southern border and into our communities, and they are trying to take away education rights from parents. I will do everything in power as a state senator to stop the Washington Agenda from taking hold of the State House in Concord.